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Before you find out what your best highlights are, read the following tips to avoid a hair coloring disaster:

Go to a professional. While there isn’t much risk with doing an allover color at home, there’s a lot more room for error with highlights — from the thickness of the streaks to the tones and shades. Getting highlights should definitely be reserved for the salon.

Know if you look better in cool or warm tones. A simple way to figure this out is to hold a swatch of silver (cool tone) and a swatch of gold (warm tone) against your face. Whichever looks best against your skin tone tells what type of color family you should stay in. Just make sure you do this test without makeup and with sunlight.

Decide if you’re getting highlights, lowlights, or both. Pelusi says highlights are shades that are lighter than the allover hair color, while lowlights are dark colors applied to lighter hair. Lowlights tend to soften a dark color while highlights bring depth.


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  1. Jennifer Taylor
    April 2, 2013 at 1:20 am

    One of my favorite styles for spring is The Sicilian Twist.This look is made up of either a relaxed version of the French twist or braid swept up into a brightly printed scarf. The scarf should be set back about one inch from the hairline and tied in the lower back of the head. To do a simple French twist for this type of style simply brush the hair upwards into a high ponytail and roll the hair under itself to form a loop and pin it with bobby pins. You can deconstruct this by tugging at the loop and pulling some hairs loose around the face and at the nape


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